Meet Jasper

My wonderful new little boy! If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you’ve already seen his puppy adorableness. ;) He arrived on Saturday and has been stealing hearts ever since. I am genuinely amazed at how easily and how well he has integrated himself in our lives and vice versa… Topaz already adores him and thinks he is just about the best playmate ever. He of course adores her as well… He looks just a little mini Topaz running around. One of these days someone is going to ask me if I shrunk my dog. ;) At first, his name started out as “Tigger”. And while that was quite fitting given he was bouncing all over the place, it just didn’t quite fit. It wasn’t until his 4th day home that I finally figured out what did… And Jasper, is perfect for him. Not only that, but, it matches Topaz’s name as well. There’s a gem called Snowflake Jasper that looks just like his coat…. Once I found that out, I knew Jasper was the one.

Besides being so darn cute, Jasper is also one smart little dude… We’ve been working hard on his commands including, Sit, Down, High Five, Spin, and of course, heel. Come and wait are still works in process. :) He’s also a polite little thing… Everyone comments on how calm he is… And while he does have his “crazy puppy!!!” moments, he is an extremely calm little pup. That’s nice- and needed- to balance out my crazy girl. ;)

I just love this little guy so much… Maybe you can begin to see why in these photos.


blue-merle-aussie-pup-born-03.07.2011aussie puppy with orca toyjasper with chew toyaussie dog buttssleeping australian shepherd puppypuppy in bed with loofa toySweet dreams baby Jasper. :)

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To the fabulous new blog! Renee and I have been working on this for quite a while now and I’m just a little excited to be sharing it with the world. Just a little. ;)

This blog has taken my brand to a whole new level and reflects Doodlie Bop perfectly. Instead of a one size fits all template (which, served it’s purpose very well, but, it was time for us to move on… If for any reason you’d ever like to visit the old blog though, you can do so here.) we now have a gorgeous custom made blog. This blog is everything I want it to be and more- On your right you’ll find the new sidebar…. That’s where you’ll navigate the site. You’ll also find ADORABLE little icons for all my favorite and the most popular categories. Dogs, Cats, Learn, and Press. Learn is new- If you scroll down you’ll find a post explaining it in detail.

We also have the featured session buttons… One of those sessions is never before seen work! If you scroll down, you can check that out too… Miss Maggie was a delight to photograph and I just love the photos.

Of course, Renee being who she is (a crazy amazing designer) and me being who I am (a lover of the little things) there are a bunch of other fun little details around the site. Those mentioned above are just some of my favorites. ;)

Please, take a look around and let us know what you think! I hope you’ll join me for future blog posts too…. I’m looking forward to filling this blog with all sorts of fresh + fun things! (including my new baby boy… You can expect to see puppy photos very soon! :D )


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See that adorable little camera icon over there under Topics? It’s for all the new blog posts I’m writing that will be just for you- My fellow photographer! :) I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of emails asking for advice and I thought that with the new blog it’d be a perfect time to start sharing that info with anyone who wants it. You won’t just find q&as here though… I’ll also share things that inspire me as a photographer as well as fun little behind the scenes tidbits…. Like my pretty packaging! (some of you saw a bit of it on facebook)

I’m looking forward to learning from you too. Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn- The more you give, the more you have! So, please, share and learn with me. :)

If you have a question you’ve been wanting to ask me, please, hop on over to the contact page and ask away! I may respond to it in a future post. :)


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Featured Session- Maggie

My photo session with Maggie and her mom took place on a gorgeously overcast day (yes, I said gorgeously- Overcast days are wonderful for sessions… It’s like a giant soft box in the sky making the light all soft and even) at Hubbard Valley Park. We all had a wonderful time walking around the park… Especially Maggie. She loved being in front of the camera! Such a smiley and happy girl. :) I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos to share… So many cute ones!

Love her smiles in these two shots… :D Actually, I take that back… I love her smiles in all the shots! ;)
Ready to book a session for your own pup(s)? Get in touch and we’ll get started!

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Featured Session- Orlando and Flash

The following are some images from one of my absolute favorite kitty sessions… With the wonderful Orlando and Flash. We had some beautiful window light, and, as you can see, my subjects were adorable!

Ready to book a session for your cat(s)? Get in touch and we’ll get started. :)

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